Monday, August 10, 2009

Women's Day Weekend


I have just celebrated my first Women's Day. Women's Day celebrates the a multiracial group of women who marched on the against the Apartheid government in the 1950s. As a result I had no work or school today. We celebrated Women's Day yesterday, by going to Mzoli's Meat (a restaurant in the Gougalethu township). We were there from 12 to 630, eating, dancing, and listening to music. The only bad part was that they only played House and Kwaito (similar to techno). It's not my favorite type of music, but they play it at most clubs and parties so I have gotten use to it. Not all of it is bad, it can be repetitive and difficult to dance to. When we came back and a few of us went out to eat and then came back and watched The Beach. So the end of the night was not so hectic as most people were tired from Mzoli's.

We also had pretty big weekend outside of Women's Day. On Friday I stayed home while everyone else went to Long St. because I had to get my computer fixed (still waiting to get it fixed). I then brought back KFC to the house, where it was to be ravaged by Ronel and Tabbi. We then went out and bought food for the braii that we hosted that same night. A lot of people were attendence and we after the braii we watched three movies: Superbad, Kill Bill, and Step Brothers.

The next day was the day of the rugby game. We started off the day with a hike around Table Mountain with Simon and some of his friends. We got back in time to relax and then go to watch the rugby game at Cybar. Unfortunately the tickets for the game fell through, but we were able to watch the game on TV at a bar. It was a good game and South Africa handily defeated the Aussie's by of score of 29-17. Following the game a group of us went to our friend Kent's cousin's 21st birthday party. Apparently the 21st birthday for unmarried and childless people is still a pretty big in SA even though the drinking age is 18. This is because you have made it to 21 without doing anything to severely screw it up. It was an extremely nice house, but we were really under dressed so we did not stay for very long. We then took a 30 minute walk through the cold back to cybar where we stayed for another hour.

So that was my weekend. Today was pretty uneventful. The majority of my time was spent buying groceries and playing basketball with Simon and Kent. I have a shortened week coming up so I am hoping it will be a good one. Until then... salani kakuhle.


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